Sunday, March 13, 2005

my sister is going in the army

my sister is going into the army tomorrow. we don't know where she will be posted or what she will be doing. and I really don't know what to think.

part of my confusion is that we just moved house several times in the past month so I'm finding it hard to think anyway. another part is that while I'm glad that she's going off to do what she wants to do, the army is a dangerous place to be (in these times, very dangerous. no matter what army you're in). yet another part of it is that when she's gone, the family scene will be greatly changed: she's two years older than me and my brother is two years younger; we've almost always been together, we've almost always done everything together. and it's a little hard to think of life without her always there.

I guess I'm a little relieved: she was always wound a little too tight. (and if you knew my family, you could totally sympathize with her).

but still, there is always the dread that a war will start, a gun will backfire, some terrorist with a gun will get lucky, maybe some jerk in a tank will forget to look where he's going. I don't know! the army is a more dangerous place than normal life.

I guess what I'm dreading is that some day I'll have to watch as they lower her into the ground with a flag across her coffin. I'm not much of a praying man but I'm praying that will not happen.



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