Thursday, July 21, 2005

Christians V. Muslims

Many muslims seem to look at the world as some sort of war between Islam and Christianity to see who will dominate the world.
Speaking as a not-very-religious jew, I think that it would be a lot better for the world if the Christians won.

ten reasons why Christianity is preferable to Islam:

#1: Muslims would never have thought of the U.S.A., or if they did, the mullas would certainly never have allowed it.
#2: The closest thing to a Jihaad that christians have ever done was the crusades, and once those failed, they GAVE UP!
#3: In most christian communities, a husband doesn't have the right to beat or kill his wife for being in public with a strange man.
#4: If Christopher Columbus had suggested to almost any muslim ruler that the world was round, he'd have been drawn and quartered (at the least).
#5 There is no Christian-predominated country in the world where it is illegal to practice Islam. (unlike in many Islamic countries, where christians are regularly killed or enslaved).
#6 the Catholic church got rid of the Inquisition on it's own, Islam is going to need a great deal of help to get rid of the Taliban, Islamic Jihad, Fatah, and all those other groups who are supposedly fighting in Allah's name.
#7 Christians generally don't do suicide bombings.
#8 When the Serbs started killing Muslims in Bosnia, they weren't applauded by the entire christian world; when Muslims do something similiar, they are.
#9 there were christian kingdoms allowing freedom of religion as far back as the 15th century; today, there aren't many muslim coutries that allow the same.
#10 Many jews were saved in World War II by christians acting as groups of christians: There was a protestant village in france that hid 5,000 jews throughout the whole war; the Arch-Bishop of Bulgaria threatened to lie down on the tracks in front of the first train carrying jews to the concentration camps; the Bishops of Holland threatened to excommunicate any catholics who helped the germans find jews; the Pope hid Roman Jews in the Vatican! Many Muslims also saved Jewish lives, but they were almost always acting as individuals: when muslims acted as groups of muslims, it was almost always in support of the germans. Remember the Wafdists anyone? The Iraqi revolt?

So anyway, I hope I haven't offended TOO many people by this(Yeah, yeah, only every muslim and lefty reading this), and given you food for thought. Please post a comment(I need all the feedback I can get), and read plenty more of me.


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