Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Wanted Terrorists Killed Near Jenin

By Ezra HaLevi

IDF Special Forces killed two wanted terrorists near Jenin Tuesday as internal violence between Hamas and Fatah terror gangs erupted in Gaza.

An IDF SWAT team entered the village of Yamoun Tuesday morning and called upon the wanted men to come out of the structure in which they were hiding.

When they refused, a D-9 bulldozer began to move toward the home to demolish it. The terrorists then ran out of the house and sprayed automatic gunfire toward the security forces.

Soldiers returned fire, killing the two men. None of the security forces were wounded.

Security sources report that the two terrorist brothers, Ibrahim and Warad Abahara, were commanders involved in the execution of several attacks against Israeli civilians. Unconfirmed reports say they were both senior members in the ruling Fatah Party's al-Aqsa Brigades terror gang. Ibrahim Abahara prepared the bomb belt used at a bus station in Haifa in December 2001, maiming dozens of Israeli civilians.

In growing infighting in Arab Gaza, nine members of the Palestinian Authority's para-military police force and two Hamas gang members were wounded in gunfights Tuesday morning, after two Hamas offices and a vehicle were burned in pre-dawn attacks, which Hamas blamed on members of the Fatah-controlled PA.

From Bill: So the Terrorists are fighting each other? this is good news.


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