Saturday, August 06, 2005

A 'Redneck?' What's a Redneck?

Regular readers of my blog (Desperate creatures ye) will have seen my earlier post 'My Jacket'; I asked if, in the opinions of my readers I qualified as a Redneck.

This was a very odd question and perhaps a little impertinant of me, but it cleared my brain for a rather more imortant underlying question: what is the definition of a Redneck?

the term Redneck originated in the post-civil war south when people had to work hard to survive; they'd work a lot in the fields and get sunburns, thus; 'Red-Neck.'

From there, it took to mean a hard worker, a reliable person, someone to be depended on. From there it's history gets a bit blurry.

I'm guessing sometime during the sixties (the sexual revolution and all that) the hippies started using it as a denegration for the 'Squares' to mean someone uneducated, close-minded and conservative. from there it emigrated into the liberal vocabulary to mean someone rural, Gun-owning, and of course, Republican.

i'm hoping to follow the example of those first brave Yanks in 1860 who took the Insult 'Mudsill' from the Southron lips and took it as a badge of pride, and declare myself a Redneck.

so if you think I'm more than a little mad, please tell me since I won't be able to tell. And if you like the idea, stick 'Redneck' on your own jackets and get out there and spread it around!

Thanks for going along with me there, and my brain has shut down, so Shalom! (Hebrew for goodbye).


Blogger 1flpete said...

You can also chech out Jeff Foxworthy. He has some good guides. You might be a redneck if... Just obout anybody can find an "if" that fits. Oh Yeah,Thanks for stoping by my little corner of the wwworld.

Sunday, August 07, 2005 5:43:00 AM  

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