Saturday, September 03, 2005

Black Demagogues

I've been working on this for a while(I kept getting sidetracked), I hope it's worth it.

There is a great stink coming up from Black Demagogues saying that nearly all of the dead from hurricane Katrina are poor black people because the evil racist Federal Government left them to die.

I've been set off by this, so I'm going to rant for a while about this in particular then black demagogues in general.

First: The reason that that most of the dead are poor folk is simple: It is more difficult for poor people to evacuate than middle-class or rich people.that's it, it has always been so, always will be.

Second: The reason that most of the dead are black folk is equally simple: Poor folk in cities are black. It's that simple, poor folk in cities are black, poor folk in the country are white.

Now, IF the Federal goverment had commandeered every single bus and chopper in the southeast, there would have not been enough to get everyone out of new orleans. If they had tried, the death toll would almost certainly have been higher (what, you dont think that they would have clogged all the accesways?) As it was the death toll was in the Hundreds. Not the millions, not the thousands, the HUNDREDS.

Black demagogues such as Jesse Jackson: They're hypocracy enrages me! They demand a handout for the poor repressed blacks (sarcasm intended) while living lives of luxury and calling succesful blacks who actually worked to get where they are(such as Colin Powel and Condaleeza rice) Traitors to the 'Black Cause.' This is not exageration or hyperbole. And they lie: A number of black 'leaders' have claimed that the majority of combat losses in the Iraq war were poor blacks from the inner cities: the actual casualities were predominantly white men coming from rural middle-class homes(the definition of middle class I have issues with, but i'll come to that later).

I should point out to you at this point the distinction I place between black Leaders(such as Martin Luther King jr.), and black demagogues(such as Jesse Jackson): The former are earnestly attempting to acclompish something good, to help people gain livelyhoods and self-confidence, they are willing to be proven wrong. And(like Malcolm X), when proven wrong, will change their behavior. The latter: They are self-centered, caring nothing for the wellfare of the people they are supposedly trying to help, their entire purpose is political and they use the suffering of the black underclass like the arabs use the suffering of the palestinians to promote western hostility against israel.

Some Black Demagogues actually claim to be working on the behalf of ALL minorities amd poor people; this is a flat-out lie: In survays prepared by black organizations, Asian-Americans are rarely (if ever) mentioned; they are simply grouped in with the 'white trash'.

As to their claim to represent poor people: I'm a Poor, Rural, White Man. And you know what? I'm just white trash. 'White Trash' has no chance for avancement in Education, Salary, or Social Standing. We're Poor working whites, people with only a high school diploma, if that. Nationally we are at least a quarter of white U.S. workers, thirty five million in all by the government's own shaved-down numbers. Nobody knows for sure in a nation that calls millions of $7 an hour janitors and marginal contract labor people with no insurance or benefits "independent businesspersons" and "entrepreneurs." Small independent business people are, we are told, "the backbone of America's economy." While Inner-city blacks who make little less than us(if less less at all) recieve government handouts while black demagogues and the liberal inteligentsia are crying out for more.

We 'Rednecks' have no version of the NAACP speaking out for us, we have no version of the United Negro College Fund to help us give our kids an education. Where are the hollywood starlets raising money so some of us can have a decent christmass meal? Where are the news stories on the suffering of rural farmers and blue-collar workers who are working twelve hours a day, seven days a week just to feed our kids? Nowhere. We have no publicity and no support because we aren't the right 'Kind' of poor folk.

I suppose that black demagogues wouldn't be so iritating if they didn't get such preferential treatment. You dont think they're so preferentially treated? well, theres this bunch of total Crazies who are suing the federal government for holding their ancestors in slavery: if they weren't black, they'd be laughed out of the courtroom.

Don't believe me? See what success the Japanese had trying to wring reparation money out of the US gov. for something it actually has culpability for? On the slavery issue, Slaves were never held by the government: they were held by private citizens. in fact, the Federal government waged a CIVIL WAR, spending billions of dollars, and millions of americans(nearly all of them white) gave their lives, to FREE the slaves. The Japanese at least are on legal footing(however shaky it may be). The Blacks are only going after the government because it's an easy target.

i'd rant some more, but I've got to leave it here. Please remember: The civil war was fought because we(americans) could not live in a country that was half free and half enslaved. Today, we live in a country where less-than-half of poor folk(the 'right kind') are getting all the publicity, all the financial aid, they're recieving government handouts, while the rest are left to (sometimes literally ) starve.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

WOW! That was something, wasn't it? Just plain amazing.

here's a little "diddy" I ran across:

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Saturday, September 03, 2005 11:09:00 PM  
Blogger wild bill said...

hahaha, thanks anonymous

Sunday, September 04, 2005 10:14:00 AM  

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