Sunday, September 18, 2005

an excerpt from the church's responce to terrorism

i was googling when I came across the Catholic church's responce to 9/11 at

...Over one billion people are not allowed to hear the Gospel. This is the greatest violation of human rights in our time – yet there is little passion to see things change.

Twenty years ago thousands of Christians campaigned for religious freedom in the former Communist countries. It was considered an outrage that they could not hear the Gospel. But when it comes to the Muslim world it seems as if our attitude is different and most Christians accept the status quo.

As politicians commit themselves to ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’, surely it is time for the Church to campaign for true religious freedom in Muslim countries.

In the coming months it is clear there are going to be dramatic diplomatic changes. The call to the church is to seize this historic opportunity and campaign for religious freedom in Muslim countries. This means that religious freedom must have priority in all the diplomacy that elected officials conduct with Muslims countries.

Let politicians urge Muslim leaders who denounce the attack on the USA to commit themselves to religious freedom, so Christians can preach Christ in the streets of Tehran and Riyadh, just as Muslims can preach Islam in the streets of London and New York.

In Closing

We were deeply impressed by the bravery and commitment of the rescue services in response to the tragedy. While others were escaping to safety, they ran to the danger zone to save lives.

Our prayer is that the church will be obedient to her mandate, and do all she can to boldly proclaim the Lord Jesus Christ as the only Saviour to the Muslim world.


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