Saturday, September 17, 2005

I made a mistake and now must rant

I googled about liberals and 9/11 and actually read the stuff there. my blood is now boiling and I have to rant(I'll probably reconsider what I write later.

Most of this post is about hate.

I hate people who excuse terrorists and child-killers whilst condemming what we(civilized people) do to defend ourselves against the barbarians who intend to exterminate us. I hate the people who stifle the free speach of students and then make use of it(free speach) to condemm the very people who are fighting every day of their lives to protect innocents from psychopathic murderers. I hate people who will send their children to blow themselves up, killing other children and claiming to the world they seek peace. I hate politicos who turn traitor to their country in favor of cowards who will murder innocent children and hide among civilians from retaliation.

I hate hearing a colledge professor calling the men, women and children who perished in the world trade center-murdered by terrorists-'Little Eichmans'. I hate reading of John Kerry throwing away his medals, testifying that american soldiers committed war crimes, and later trying to pass himself off as a comrade to those brave men whom he has slandered. I hate Kofi Annan and his UN stooges who secretly aid terrorists to advance their own ends while doing everything they can to hinder good people in their works.

I hate the terrorists. I hate the people who train the terrorists. I hate the people who buy the weapons and pay the terrorists. I hate the people who excuse the terrorists and their attacks. I hate the people who manufacture news to make the terrorists and their supporters look good while doing evrything they can to remove support from those whom the terrorists are trying to kill. I hate the people who claim the 9/121 attack was made by the cia or the miossad. I hate the people who demonstrated days after 9/11 that we got exactly what we deserved. I hate the people who compare george bush to hitler(I even hate that they force me to defend him, because I don't particularly like him). I hate the 'Journalists' who stay in air-conditioned hotel rooms and write scathingly about american and allied soldiers who actually have to deal with the situation. I hate the people who claim the palestinians are going through worse than the jews of europe suffered under hitler. I hate the people who decorate Israeli flags with swastikas. I hate people who call republicans and conservatives 'Nazis'. I hate the people who tried to make 9/11into political hay. I hate the people who take polls online asking how they ought to fuck the troops, I do not exagerate here; I have seen polls asking that exact question.

I hate that I have to hate these people; because this blinding hate I feel can cloud my judgement and impair my vision of the world.

This post is, while not very well thought out, and almost certainly unpopular, a true representation of my feelings. And however much you may agree or disagree with me, please respect them as such.

Thanks for reading this far, and please post a comment.


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