Thursday, October 20, 2005

I'm all for energy independence.

I got this offmy dad's computer, I have no idea where it comes from.

I'm all for energy independence.

I am totally against any form of state control of the energy sector.

Oh, we should keep the various anti-trust/monopoly rules in place (and enforce them) along with all of the other constraints that we as a people have imposed to reign in the excesses of the free market.

But tell them what to do? Dudes, central planning worked so well for GOSPLAN (look it up if you don't know) that we should inflict that on ourselves?

How about this, take advantage of the 'Creative Destruction' of the market, use Government policy to encourage innovation, use Government (Our!) money to help startup technologies that show promise over the initial hump.

From what I remember of the Democratic Energy plan, it was long, high sounding tripe....more of the same platitudes we've come to expect from a commitee designed to make sure every special interest group got it's issue covered.

I want bold, simple, bullet proof, visionary ideas.

For example:
Household Electricity

Gov't legeslation to enact a nation wide Utility Intertie standard (look it up if you don't already know).

Bulk Gov't purchases of the equipement for this to outfit every post office in the country with standard (modular) Solar/Intertie package that would provide say, 100% of the day time peak load requirement for non-heating purposes. (Lights, A/C, computers, etc).
Design in the use of a small wind plant as a standard option.

Put these packages out to low cost bulk bids, and then expand to the rest of the federal infrastructure (Court Houses, Offices, ect).

Now, enact a federal low cost, guarenteed loan program to enable home owners to install there own version of the package. Tie it in with Utility Co Rebates if possible.

This has been done on a small scale by PG&E with good results in California.

What have you accomplished?

You have defined a voluntary standard that will work anywhere in the country.

You have deployed tens of thousands of these around the country as test bed/demonstration platforms. Just let the folks coming to pick up their mail see the electric meter running backwards while they wait in line! Let them pick up an application for a gov't loan while waiting, and drop it in a box at the front of the line.

You will have ramped up production of components to the point that the per unit price will drop, and competition will emerge.

Having set up the basic infrastructure, you now enable the mass production, deployment, and utilization of this technology.

You will create hundreds or thousands of new jobs in manufacturing, installation, sales, etc.

You will prevent need to construct dozens of large central power stations.

You will decentralize power production, limiting the vulnerability of the entire system.

Rolling blackouts during a sunny heat wave would be a thing of the past.

CAFE Standards? Drop 'em along with any other federal mandates as to minimum gas milage, speed limits (for gas consumption purposes), etc.

What!?!?! you screaaaaaam?

How about this, impose a $1 a gallon 'energy independence' tax on gasoline, peg it lower for Petro Diesel (cost of trucking/transport issues...), Let Bio Diesel be sold tax free. Use the money to reimburse the states for leaving alternative fueled/ vehicles free of any motor vehicle excise tax.

Use the money to cover Federal Tax Credits for these vehicles...

Set federal standards for Bio-Diesel (like the Octane ratings, nuh?)

Mandate that all new purchases of federal vehicles dual fuel capable (Petro/BioDiesel) as of 2007. Have the Gov't convert any existing Petro Diesel vehicles to dual fueled as of 2006.

Make it a federal standard that any Diesel Engine passenger vehicle sold be capable of running on dual fuel as of 2010.

Once these are standard options from the major car companies (or standard retro fit kits), the tax incentives will drive customers to the platform.

Set a goal of having a million Bio-Deisel vehicles on the road by 2010, with the fuel readily available at any service station. The infrastructure is there, it's proven, it could soak up a lot of excess farm capacity, and build a refinery infrastructure in the mid west.

We are talking about corn oil, soya, canola, things we already know how to grow in abundance.

Unlike ethanol or hydrogen it's a self sustaining loop, as the very agricultural base of the industry can run on the bio diesel in generates.

Just Juggle the numbers so that by 2010 you have the refining capacity in place, the vehicles on the road, and the cost of bio-diesel at about 3/4 that of gasoline.

If Brazil can do it, and they have, we can too.

Again, more jobs, less pollution, free choice for the people.

If want to drive a gas guzzling, road hog a an SUV, fine. It's my choice and I'll pay the cost of that choice.

If you think an alternate choice is better, the solution is education, support, and encouragement.

Nuclear Power

oh boy, hot button eh?

deal with the nuclear waste issue!

It's long past time.

New generations of Nuclear reactors are safer than ever, standard designs and mass production can prevent the cost over run nightmares of the past.

The old ones are not going away, new ones will be built, let's do it right this time.

Let's pick a federal site that is reasonably safe and secure and get started. If in 50 years we discover someting better, we'll just have to pick up and move the stuff. Yeah, I know it won't be that easy, but lets be honest, that's the American way of getting things done, so why fight it.

Announce to the world that we will accept responsibility for shipping and storing nuclear waste from anyone or anywhere. Set it up by treaty, ad hoc, whatever. The point is we'd rather India and Pakastan stored this stuff under our watch than someone elses....We'll let the EU and Japan hang on to theirs (besides, the'd probably be to embarrased to be found relying on us anyway)

Spend some real federal money on R&D for long term storage (Glassification, Subduction Zone Burial, whatever)

We will clean our own house, make allowance for the future, and do the world a favor at the same time.


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