Sunday, October 16, 2005

U found this while googling(please don't ask what I was googling for)

Iran blasted for hanging of girl in chastity case
Aug 26, 2004

A leading human rights group on Tuesday denounced Iran's reported public execution of a teen girl in a controversial 'chastity case'.[Quotation marks mine]-Bill

The judge in the case said he was punishing the 16-year-old for her "sharp tongue," according to the Iran Focus Web site.

Ateqeh Rajabi was reportedly hanged on a street in downtown Neka, Iran, on Aug. 15, and her case has stirred outrage.

The human rights group, Amnesty International, said it "is alarmed that this execution was carried out despite reports that Ateqeh Rajabi was not believed to be mentally competent, and that she reportedly did not have access to a lawyer at any stage."

The facts of the case are hazy. But Amnesty, quoting a report on the Peyk-e Iran site, said Rajabi was sentenced to death for "acts incompatible with chastity."

The other defendant in the chastity case, an unnamed man, was reportedly sentenced to 100 lashes.

My comments:
On one level, I'm felling sorry for the girl, but on another level I'm felling only slight disgust for these people who are acting all surprised about it; Iranians have been doing this sort of thing for centuries, only people who are being willfully ignorant(read: Ivory tower liberals) couldbe honestly surprised at this.

Comment #2: It seems to me that a side effect of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that no one seems to remark upon is that there is a whole lot more media attention focused on the middle east than there was before.

Comment the third: There's a site called with a lot of royalty-free leaflets for distribution; one of them shows a map of the mideast with the major sources of terrorism marked,and it has a caption at the top saying, USA: Let's Roll!, I'll read of something like this and I think of that map, and I think to myself: Why don't we roll? roll right over all these petty tyrants, terrorist regimes and fascist-religious governments and install democratically-elected governments that can maintain peace and justice and all the other things that make western civilization preferable to just about anything else on this earth.


Blogger Dwight said...

I'm assuming one reason we can't "roll" is that much of our troops/resources are bogged down in Iraq. That would make it a bit hard to hop around to other countries to repeat the sucess we've had in Iraq.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 12:50:00 PM  
Blogger wild bill said...

Yeah, that's true.

Sunday, October 16, 2005 1:44:00 PM  

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